Letter from Fr. Pat – June 2014

Letter from Fr. Pat - June 2014


 At the moment, I am preparing  to go to La Salette in France where Our Lady appeared in 1846. It was there, two years ago, that I experienced an acute attack of the pancreas, which left me out of commission for six months. Returning to the Mountain will permit me to take some quality time,  to thank Our Lady and her Son for the miracle I received through the intercessory prayers of so many people.  Even doctors are surprised at the wonderful results which have taken place with  my health. Praise God!

 While I am there, I will serve as chaplain to the many visitors that come from all over the world. Since I am fluent in French, I will be responsible for many of the people visiting.  Each evening, I will attend the candlelight procession with my guitar in hand, praising the Mother of our Lord with some of my own compositions, which have also been translated in other languages. Following these processions, I usually invite the pilgrims to stay awhile in the Basilica, where I continue to lead them in songs and prayer, before they retire for the night.

 The last time I was there, I had written a few prayer services around the water from the fountain of La Salette, and an image of the original crucifix that Our Lady wore when she appeared there. I also have in mind to write another prayer service on the actual setting of La Salette, the mountains, the hair pin turns on the way up the hill, as well as the glorious setting of other ominous mountains that surround the sight of La Salette Shrine.

 I hope that someday all of you will have the opportunity to visit this “Holy Place” in the French Alps where people find peace and a new lease in their spiritual life.  In the meantime,I guess you will have to satisfy  your longing by visiting  La Salette in Attleboro!  I will return to the Shrine in September  and bring the gift of song  to the festivities that are being planned there, for the anniversary of Mary’s apparition September  19TH 20THand 21ST.

 I look forward to seeing you there. I will surely have some wonderful stories to share with you,   of my experiences during  my time spent at La Salette in France.

 Blessings to each and every one of you and know, that I will carry you with me to that special place called La Salette!  In return, I hope you will keep me and my ministry in your prayers!

 Father Pat

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