1. the most recent concert at Lasallette Enfield NH was very touching and special to me. thank you for your time and excellent skill of music.

  2. Dear Father Pat,

    Thank you for annointing me yesterday at the healing Mass at Our Lady of Fatima Shrine in Youngstown, NY. Your ways to engage the faithful are so simple and beautiful. Your music also touched my soul. My God bless you and your special ministry, now and always. Amen. Alleluia!

    Jo (Joanne) Plunkett

  3. I would like Fr. Pat’s recipe again for the roast pork with cranberries and catalina or French dressing PULEEESE 🙂

    Also his daily prayer resumed.
    Thanks,Happy New Year and God Bless.

  4. We attended a Lenten service of Fr. Pat’s in Maui, Hawaii. I purchased 2 Christmas and 3 other CD’s of Fr. Pat’s. I find listening to them to be the most spiritual moments of my day. I am looking to buy more. I hope someone plays his music for me on my last moments on earth. I thank God for you sharing your beautiful voice.
    Fran Myers

  5. I was up at LaSalette two weeks ago and Father Pat your concert was just beautiful. May you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Looking forward to your next CD!

  6. I just came back from your fabulous concert at Christ the King parish. OMG, you have NOT lost it. It was wonderful. I am 75 but still work part time and could not believe I would be so close and not able to go. But thank God, my boss and co-worker told me to go and enjoy and enjoy I did. It was great to see you again and even more wonderful to be spiritually uplifted by such a beautiful voice and person in you.

    I have quite a few of your CD’s and play Breathe in the Spirit every day that I drive the half hour to work. It makes my day!! Thank you, Pauline

  7. Hi Pat,

    Have been following you in recent years. Glad to see that you are getting around. Your voice still sounds great.

    I am living near Exeter NH and also have a house on the Cape.

    I am sending prayers for your health and continuing ministry.

    Warmest regards

    Allan Schwinn

  8. Just purchased Father Pat’s “Come home to Christmas” cd. Terrific devotional music. Never really paid much attention to “Wind beneath my wings” until I played this. What a beautiful redition! Thank you, Father Pat.

  9. Dear Father Pat, your CD’s are inspirational. I listen to them each time I am out in my car, especially Serenity. They give me much peace and strengthen my faith in God. I thank you for your Healing Masses along with those of Fr. John Sullivan. Both my husband and I have received good reports from our doctors. We Trust in God and thank Our Lord for sending us wonderful Priests who do his work and show us the way. God Bless both of you.

  10. Yes I do, and I am tired of having this web site used as a blog. It is not for that kind of use, so please
    only leave messages concerning this Ministry, “Make It Know” or for Father Pat. All who blog here, I would
    appreciate you staying off this blog unless you are leaving a message for “Make It Known” or Father Pat and his work. Thank you

  11. This is exactly the area that I teraelvd to a while ago. We went to all the cities mentioned and what we found crucial was to always go to restaurants that were not in the direct city centre to experience the real Italian Pizza and Pasta. Drink a Limoncello there, it is famous and most of all enjoy your time! I know it will be perfect!Oh, the only not so good experience we had was in Pompeii (food wise). So many people come to see the ruins so of course all the tourist traps are located around that. The quality suffers, so maybe just go to a corner shop and ask for a Panini Pomodoro e Mozzarella (Bun with Tomato and fresh Buffalo Mozzarella from the area!) to take on the day. Also, you should consider taking a bus at least once that drives down the Amalfi coast. Those bus drivers know what they are doing and the view is beautiful!

  12. OUT OF SURGERY. She is doing very well. We get to see her in a few minutes. She’ll have the bhrateing tube in until tomorrow, the doctor will come and see how it is going before taking it out.She will need to have a two week checkup to make sure it isn’t growing back.Thanks again to everyone for the prayers.

  13. This is a thank you comment. I have been listening to ” Who Is This God “,since buying it at the concert at Andover Country Club and as usual it has helped me through some difficult times. Your cd Serenity has been my rock during my healing process since my loving wife joined the Lord on 04-23-2013.Please keep me in your prayers.

    I will not be able to join you on your pilgrimage to Italy but thank you for asking Francis to contact me.

    God Bless You,

    Joe Fortuna