Father Pat’s Welcome Letter

Father Pat's Welcome Letter


 It is with great pleasure I am announcing to all my followers, that at long last, my new website   went live this month!   I hope you will visit it often and tell all your friends about it.

Remember to sign the Guestbook. 

  I do not know all of you personally, but I hope through this web page I will get to know more of you,  as  you  leave your messages,  request  for prayers, or in thanksgiving  for  a blessing or healing received.

 It is important to talk about the  healings  you receive,  and in this way, you are showing gratitude to God for his goodness.  Also, you are spreading the “good news” that healings do take place  and God is working in our lives, in the way we need most.

 You will also be able to order my CD’s and even play a portion of each song before you make your choice!   Of course you will be notified via the web page when we have a pilgrimage, or other trips!   This technology is wonderful!

 To sum up, I am very fortunate to have such thoughtful caring followers.  As I continue my ministry throughout this country and beyond, I want to thank you for your constant support and prayers.

 Please be assured of my prayers for each and every one of you as we give our  lives over to Our Blessed Mother, Our Lady of La Salette  who watches over all her children, with such love and care! 

 May God continue to bless you!

Father Pat

  1. This is a thank you comment. I have been listening to ” Who Is This God “,since buying it at the concert at Andover Country Club and as usual it has helped me through some difficult times. Your cd Serenity has been my rock during my healing process since my loving wife joined the Lord on 04-23-2013.Please keep me in your prayers.

    I will not be able to join you on your pilgrimage to Italy but thank you for asking Francis to contact me.

    God Bless You,

    Joe Fortuna

  2. OUT OF SURGERY. She is doing very well. We get to see her in a few minutes. She’ll have the bhrateing tube in until tomorrow, the doctor will come and see how it is going before taking it out.She will need to have a two week checkup to make sure it isn’t growing back.Thanks again to everyone for the prayers.