Rev. Andre Patenaude, known to all as “Father Pat” has enjoyed singing since elementary school.  He was nine when he made his musical debut on a Fall   River Radio Station.

 After entering the Priesthood, he developed his singing, and also learned to play guitar.   During his time of study in Canada, at the University of Ottowa and St. Paul,  he and a few brothers  began singing as a group and delighted audiences with their Spirit filled music.

 As a young Priest, he was assigned to a  Parish at Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  He then, became more involved in singing and writing liturgical music.  He saw this as a direct way of reaching people.

 His next assignment was Director of The National Shrine of Our Lady of La Salette in Attleboro Ma.  Here, he continued to develop his music  and ultimately recorded a number of albums, and a powerful  DVD on our Lady of La Salette which aired on several television stations, in the U.S and Middle East.   For a number of   years he hosted his own half hour television program

 His popularity soared and he was given permission by his Provincial to travel  the Globe, bringing the message of Mary “Make it know  to all my people,” which were her last words spoken at La Salette in France when she appeared there in 1846.  

He believes there is a powerful need to reach out to all ages, young and old  and show them there is a better way to live.   His music excites people about their faith, not only because it is  appealing  but also by attracting  the people to its message.

 He is internationally known as a singer, writer and recording artist.  He has traveled extensively across the Globe and is known World wide as the “Troubadour Priest!”

 In the sanctuary of the Churches he visits, his voice exudes spirituality and brings his audiences to tears.  Father Pat’s words and music have filled Concert halls and Churches world wide and he is acclaimed internationally!