About Father Pat

Father PatFather Pat is called “The Troubadour Priest” and “The Music Man,” but whatever title is given to him, all Father Pat wants, is to express his faith joyfully through his words and music! Once more, he has done that through his new album entitled “Who Is This God?” This album was recently released and has been acclaimed for the spiritual aspect it exudes!

He began singing in his childhood years in Fall River, Massachusetts. He continued to sing and learned to play the guitar, during his preparation for the Priesthood with the La Salette Missionaries.

Father Pat is a, World renowned Christian Music Legend, Catholic Evangelist, Singer, Song Writer Composer and Recording Artist, Father Pat communicates the last words spoken by Mary at La Salette, France in 1846 when she said “Make It Known to all my people.” Thousands have experienced the healing touch of his unique Ministry, and lives are forever changed, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Father Pat has released numerous albums and is known for his graceful tenor voice and charismatic Concerts which take place around the nation and worldwide!

Hundreds of people crowded into the Church for a Healing Service led by the “Singing Priest.” The Service is under way and Father Pat looks like a wandering Troubadour with his guitar strapped over his shoulder. He has been entertaining people with his litanies and songs. His voice is soothing with a lilt of his Fall River French!

Healing Services can be emotional events and this one is no exception. Though Father Pat is low key, the atmosphere in the room becomes highly charged when, after a lengthy Mass and much clapping and singing, people proceed to the Altar to be anointed with Holy Oil. A man and woman burst into tears, but emerge from the Service smiling as if the tears were a necessary part of their inner Healing. Father Pat takes this all in stride. He says he always feels very humble when he sees God’s Spirit moving through his songs!

He hosted his own radio and television programs and has appeared on EWTN, Boston Catholic and several TV Stations throughout the United States and beyond.

During the year, he travels throughout the country, and across the Globe, spreading the “Good News” by leading Retreats, Missions, Healing Services and Concerts, always through his music.

To order Father Pat’s music write to “Make It Known” P.O. Box 40118 – Providence – RI -02940 or

You may call 508-455-2656. Visit his web site at www.fatherpat.org